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Computational molecular science / editors, Peter R. Schreiner, Wesley D. Allen, Modesto Orozco, Walter Thiel, Peter Willett.

Computational molecular science / editors, Peter R. Schreiner, Wesley D. Allen, Modesto Orozco, Walter Thiel, Peter Willett.

Molecular driving forces : statistical thermodynamics in biology, chemistry, physics, and nanoscience / Ken A. Dill

Molecular driving forces : statistical thermodynamics in biology, chemistry, physics, and nanoscience / Ken A. Dill

Library news

2014-12-09 The Academy od Sciences will no longer centrally support publications in the Open Access format. Open Access publications could now be supported from individual Academy Institutes, depending on their quality and expected impact.
2014-11-07 Invitation to the exposition RNDr. Tomáš Tichý, PhD group of Marcela Krečmerová Landscape Photography. You are cordially invited to the exposition of worldwide photos. The exposition is a part of upcoming Open door day. Venue: IOCB, Building B, the 2nd & 3rd floor. Preview: November 11, 4 p.m.
2014-10-01 LINGEA company offers to all employees of IOCB discount 25% on all their electronic books and products. For more information go to Lingea webpage. Discount is valid until 31.12.2014. If you are interested, use "Objednávka přes knihovnu" in Albína.
2014-09-04 Northern Light Life Sciences Conference Abstracts on OvidSP platform
Until the end of October, you can test the unique bibliographic database Northern Light Life Sciences Conference Abstracts on OvidSP, which contains abstracts from conferences and conference posters from more than 1 600 professional conferences focused on life sciences and pharmaceutical research. Retrospective since 2010, a total of over 1,3 million records (of which 35 000 posters). Records from new conferences are added with minimal delay (within 3 weeks of the publication on the conference website).
In the database you can find e.g. updated information on the latest scientific studies and controlled trials, which officially appear in professional journals after several months or years. The database is intended for scientists in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, medical institutions, academic institutions and research teams in hospitals and specialized institutes.

2014-08-04 The impact factors of journals for the year 2013 were published (JCR database, data from the Web of Science, producer Thomson Reuters). Journals can be evaluated according to various criteria, competitive evaluation by Scopus (producer Elsevier) Journal Metrics from Elsevier.
2014-07-10 We announce that it is again possible to printposters on the plotter. If you would like to print a poster, please contact Jakub Šimon at line 417, or write to jakub.simon@uochb.cas.cz. As a new service of reprographics we introduce free assistance in compiling presentations (PowerPoint, Ilustrator,Photoshop). The library is offering spiral binding, laminating and small repairs of books. Opening hours of the library will remain unchanged during the summer holidays.
2014-06-02 Dear colleagues, enclosed you will find a new Director's Order.
2014-03-26 We announce that (since 7.4.2014).:
1/ The “night study” in the library after opening hours will be terminated.
2/ According to the information of IT department, the opportunity to get to the full texts and databases using wifi on personal laptops in the library was terminated.
3/ Free access to all books ends, you will have to wait for retrieving the book from the storage of NTL. The easiest way is to order the book in advance on phone 220183431 and pick up the book at the appointed time in the IOCB library in the NTL building.
4/ All print journals (articles) will only be available after order from the storage in Papírenská street. The articles will be available to pick up on the following Tuesday or Thursday afternoon in the IOCB library in NTL building. You can also pick up copies of articles from other libraries, pick up your purchased books and bring publications that you want to insert to ASEP. 5/ The bookbinding service will be terminated. We will not provide the binding of theses and other materials anymore.
6/ Copy services, poster printing, lamination and spiral binding will be provided in reprography which will be placed in Canon.
7/ We might require employee ID card when providing library services. For new employees of the Institute, who are using any library services including access to the databases on IOCB computers, is still obliged to register in person at the library, now in NTL building.
Thank you for your understanding.
2014-02-04 Library negotiated the possibility of using discount cards in Academia bookstores for employees of IOCB. The discount is 20% on production of Academia Publishing and 10% on all other books. Employees who are interested (we have only a limited number of cards) can pick up the discount card in the library.
2013-12-19 If your group is interested in a free and permanent use of electronic dictionaries from Lingea publisher: English-Czech and Czech-English Dictionary (Platinum version), Czech-Russian and Russian-Czech Dictionary (Platinum version) and specialized English dictionaries in areas such as medicine, law, economics, and soon also the natural sciences, including chemistry. Please apply at jakub.simon@uochb.cas.cz. Please do not leave the dictionaries open on your computers when you finish working with them because we have a floating license for a limited number of computers.
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