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New in fund

Organofluorine compounds in biology and medicine / V. Prakash Reddy.

Organofluorine compounds in biology and medicine / V. Prakash Reddy.

Farmakochemie / František Hampl, Stanislav Rádl, Jaroslav Paleček.

Farmakochemie / František Hampl, Stanislav Rádl, Jaroslav Paleček.

Library news

2016-06-27 Chem a sister journal to Cell, will provide a home for seminal and insightful research
and showcase how fundamental studies in chemistry and its sub-disciplines may help
in finding potential solutions to the global challenges of tomorrow. Chem will be
published from July 2016 and first 6 months will be available freely.
2016-06-23 The impact factors 2015 have been published.
2016-06-16 The 12th selling exhibition of scientific literature will take place in IOCB in September 21 and 22, 2016. No-obligation orders of books that you want to see at the exhibition can be sent to e-mail address.
2016-06-09 Until August 7, 2016 you can use trial access to The Excellence in Science, published by the Royal Society Publishing. The collection includes 10 peer-reviewed journals aimed at mathematics, life sciences, physical sciences and technology, including astronomy, chemistry, computer science, geosciences, environmental sciences, material sciences, biomedical sciences and history of science.
2016-06-03 New journals of Royal Society of Chemistry (with free access to end of year 2017):

Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology
Nanoscale Horizons
Reaction Chemistry & Engineering
Molecular Systems Design & Engineering

2016-06-02 The Information System of Research, Development and Innovation (IS VaVaI) was temporarily shut down on 31. 5. 2016. Also other systems (e.g. ANLUPA) may have operational problems. Government of the Czech Republic is currently working on alternative method of providing access to a database of R&D data, more information (only in Czech language) here.
2016-05-30 Evaluations of the Research and Professional Activities of the Institutes of the CAS for 2010–2014 were published.
2016-03-14 New electronic resources in NTL (for access to these electronic resources, you have to be registred user in NTL):

Nature Complete
- Journal collection of Nature Publishing Group, access with archive.

Taylor & Francis Science & Technology Package
- Collection of 500 journals, which are focused on science and technology, access from 1997.
- Collection scholarly technical video of Institution of Engineering and Technology, access from 2013.

SAGE STM Collection
- Collection of 300 scholary journals of Sage publishing, which are focused on science, technology and medicine, access from 1999.

ASCE Library
- All journals of American Society of Civil Engineers.

ASME Digital Collection
- All journals of American Society of Mechanical Engineers, access from 2000.

For access to these electronic resources, you have to be registred user in National technical library, details here.
Registration is valid for all time what you work in IOCB.
More information about accessible electronic rescources are here.
2016-03-02 Subscription renewal journals of Nature Publishing Group
The journals of NPG are available from January 2016
Nature chemical biology
Nature chemistry
Nature reviews drug discovery
Nature protocols
2016-01-28 With respect to the current negotiations with the Nature Publishing Group, IOCB considers renewing subscription of some NPG journals. We will inform you as soon as we have more information.
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