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New in fund

Organofluorine compounds in biology and medicine / V. Prakash Reddy.

Organofluorine compounds in biology and medicine / V. Prakash Reddy.

Farmakochemie / František Hampl, Stanislav Rádl, Jaroslav Paleček.

Farmakochemie / František Hampl, Stanislav Rádl, Jaroslav Paleček.

Library news

2016-05-30 Evaluations of the Research and Professional Activities of the Institutes of the CAS for 2010–2014 were published.
2016-03-14 New electronic resources in NTL (for access to these electronic resources, you have to be registred user in NTL):

Nature Complete
- Journal collection of Nature Publishing Group, access with archive.

Taylor & Francis Science & Technology Package
- Collection of 500 journals, which are focused on science and technology, access from 1997.
- Collection scholarly technical video of Institution of Engineering and Technology, access from 2013.

SAGE STM Collection
- Collection of 300 scholary journals of Sage publishing, which are focused on science, technology and medicine, access from 1999.

ASCE Library
- All journals of American Society of Civil Engineers.

ASME Digital Collection
- All journals of American Society of Mechanical Engineers, access from 2000.

For access to these electronic resources, you have to be registred user in National technical library, details here.
Registration is valid for all time what you work in IOCB.
More information about accessible electronic rescources are here.
2016-03-02 Subscription renewal journals of Nature Publishing Group
The journals of NPG are available from January 2016
Nature chemical biology
Nature chemistry
Nature reviews drug discovery
Nature protocols
2016-01-28 With respect to the current negotiations with the Nature Publishing Group, IOCB considers renewing subscription of some NPG journals. We will inform you as soon as we have more information.
2015-12-01 New titles in the library collection from the year 2016
We bought these new titles online:
- Small
- Bioanalysis
- Natural Product Communications
- Comprehensive Chirality (encyclopedia)
- Methods in Enzymology 2011–2015 (vol. 486–559)
Availability of all journals from Nature Publishing (even not previously subscribed by us) will be provided via remote access to the NTL.
2015-06-29 The publisher Taylor & Francis Group announced that it will show also alternative indicators of reading, sharing and citation (so-called “altmetrics”) with their articles published from January 2012.
In addition to traditional indicators (number of citations in CrossRef, Web of Science and Scopus), users gain a more comprehensive picture of how many times a particular link was displayed or quoted in traditional (news) and social media (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Wikipedia etc.), mentioned on a blog or stored in online citation managers.
Check out an example – click on the rainbow circle with the number and you get detailed data.
More about altmetrics in Wikipedia.
2015-06-19 Database JCR - The impact factors 2014 have just been published
2015-02-24 There is a change in the access to the Crystallographic database (Cambridge Structural Database) since May 2015. If you are interested in accessing the service from your computer (fixed station or laptops, but only with the location on the grounds of the Institute) to this database for free in 2015, please write to the address until March 30, 2015.
2015-02-11 The journal Nature Communications will be published in "open access" only. The percentage of freely available articles should increase during 2015 (the process began in October 2014), from 2016 all articles should be open. The accepting fee is 3 700 EUR + VAT (for Europe) per article.
2014-12-09 The Academy od Sciences will no longer centrally support publications in the Open Access format. Open Access publications could now be supported from individual Academy Institutes, depending on their quality and expected impact.
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