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Anorganická chemie / Catherine E. Housecroft, Alan G. Sharpe

Anorganická chemie / Catherine E. Housecroft, Alan G. Sharpe

Free energy calculations :  theory and applications in chemistry and biology / Christophe Chipot, Andrew Pohorille (eds.).

Free energy calculations : theory and applications in chemistry and biology / Christophe Chipot, Andrew Pohorille (eds.).

Library news

2015-02-27 We offer a trial access to Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry database from 2. 3. 2015, which combines the largest and best-organized database of medicinal chemistry in the world with the tools for hitset assessment and data export, allowing rapid early-stage drug candidate assessment. It is fully integrated with the Reaxys databse and allows immediate connection with the reaction database and with the automatic synthesis pathway generator. Additional information materials are available here and here
If you are interested in webinar in English (5. 3. 2015, 2 p.m.), please register here
Registration for the webinar in Czech language (12. 3. 2015, 14:00 hod.) here
2015-02-24 There is a change in the access to the Crystallographic database (Cambridge Structural Database) since May 2015. If you are interested in accessing the service from your computer (fixed station or laptops, but only with the location on the grounds of the Institute) to this database for free in 2015, please write to the address library@uochb.cas.cz until March 30, 2015.
2015-02-20 We offer a trial access to database Science of Synthesis from Thieme publisher until 30. 4. 2015. For more information and tutorial click HERE.
2015-02-11 The journal Nature Communications will be published in "open access" only. The percentage of freely available articles should increase during 2015 (the process began in October 2014), from 2016 all articles should be open. The accepting fee is 3 700 EUR + VAT (for Europe) per article.
2015-02-05 You are cordially invited to the exposition Tomáš Tichý, Ph.D. (group of Marcela Krečmerová, Ph.D.). LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY The event will take place in National Library of Technology from Feb.4.
2015-02-02 A list of 20 % top results for 2014was published. These results gain special bonus under the Pillar II of the Methodology 2013. The list contains 290 records of results which selected an expert panel based on expert judgment of its members within each subject group. IOCB nominated a total of 22 results, of which 11 were selected to class A.
2014-12-09 The Academy od Sciences will no longer centrally support publications in the Open Access format. Open Access publications could now be supported from individual Academy Institutes, depending on their quality and expected impact.
2014-10-01 LINGEA company offers to all employees of IOCB discount 25% on all their electronic books and products. For more information go to Lingea webpage. Discount is valid until 31.12.2014. If you are interested, use "Objednávka přes knihovnu" in Albína.
2014-06-02 Dear colleagues, enclosed you will find a new Director's Order.
2014-02-04 Library negotiated the possibility of using discount cards in Academia bookstores for employees of IOCB. The discount is 20% on production of Academia Publishing and 10% on all other books. Employees who are interested (we have only a limited number of cards) can pick up the discount card in the library.
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