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The theory of intermolecular forces / Anthony J. Stone.

The theory of intermolecular forces / Anthony J. Stone.

Věda nepadá daleko od stromu: příběhy význačných českých vědců a jejich rodů

Věda nepadá daleko od stromu: příběhy význačných českých vědců a jejich rodů

Library news

2015-05-07 We offer books that were discarded from the library collection for a fee of 10 CZK/piece. Books are available in the IOCB library until 29th May (NTL building - entrance from the street, 20 meters from the entrance NTL3). List of books available here.
2015-04-15 Dear Colleagues, since there is again a photo contest Science Photogenic. This year, you can register your photos into two categories - Science photogenic (which is identical with the last year) and researchers in the photo (category focused on photographs of scientists and scientific teams). The deadline is shifted to May 31, so feel free uploading your photos.
2015-02-24 There is a change in the access to the Crystallographic database (Cambridge Structural Database) since May 2015. If you are interested in accessing the service from your computer (fixed station or laptops, but only with the location on the grounds of the Institute) to this database for free in 2015, please write to the address library@uochb.cas.cz until March 30, 2015.
2015-02-11 The journal Nature Communications will be published in "open access" only. The percentage of freely available articles should increase during 2015 (the process began in October 2014), from 2016 all articles should be open. The accepting fee is 3 700 EUR + VAT (for Europe) per article.
2014-12-09 The Academy od Sciences will no longer centrally support publications in the Open Access format. Open Access publications could now be supported from individual Academy Institutes, depending on their quality and expected impact.
2013-06-27 Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in cooperation with the Technology Centre AS CR created a new web portal.
2013-06-07 Change in the use of SciFinder.

SciFinder is a tool for searching chemical, biochemical or medical information from scientific literature, patents, etc. Since now, entry is possible AT ANY TIME from ANY COMPUTER of IOCB for all employees who sign up at the library (Reprography, door 286, Jakub Šimon, phone 417). Users acknowledge to comply with the license agreement, and to use SciFinder only for non-commercial scientific and research purposes. Users must not disclose or lend their password to anyone or allow unauthorized people access to the database on their registration.
2012-07-30 We purchased a new e-book from Wiley Microwaves in Organic and Medicinal Chemistry.
2012-02-08 No matter where you are (on maternity leave, on vacation, at a conference, at a cottage...), but if you have computer and an internet connection, you can study from anywhere.
Now there is available new service of our library – remote access (EZproxy) to el. information sources (mainly e-journals – about 8000 titles and now even e-books – about 4000 titles that library (SVI) of IOCB purchases for you. This service is available only for IOCB employees who are registered as users of the library (SVI) IOCB and observe Library Rules.
Instruction how to use this service is technically simple and you can find it here. Access to el. sources (books, journals and databases) in the area of IOCB remains UNCHANGED – you do not need to login anywhere if you are using computer with the IP address of the institute. As for remote access, it is a trial access, so please contact us with any comments and questions via e-mail: library@uochb.cas.cz.
2011-11-23 Library purchased a new e-book from Wiley about safety in chemical laboratories – Wiley Guide to Chemical incompatibilities.
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